Definition of Static Website

As the name says, Static websites are websites or web pages that have unchanging contents, where the website is programmed with HTML code and can be accessed by the end-users. This type of web pages and content of the website are the commonly chosen type over constantly changing web content, as it takes lesser maintenance efforts comparatively. In order to implement a Static Website, one needs to have very basic coding knowledge and effortless to work upon. It is normally used for websites with lower user traffic, as larger web applications need better high-quality maintenance to be performed periodically.

How Static Website Works?

As the static pages’ contents don’t change often, the user doesn’t have to update the web page often in the name of a quality check or maintenance activity. This helps in keeping the website secure with less efforts. In addition, the stationary elements of the web page provide more consistency and for the website users. Whenever the user tries to access the website, there is no communication enabled between the system and the database. This leads to loading the web contents quickly, and caching makes more sense in cases like this.