What is a Dynamic Website?

A website can be static or dynamic. A static website's information does not change automatically, which means it remains static or the same for all visitors of the site. A dynamic website or webpage has information, which is generated in real-time and altered on the basis of the viewer, the time zone, time of the day, and other aspects. For example, the Mythical Phoenix website's home page changes daily to provide visitors latest content as it is a dynamic web page. However, this page that you are visiting currently, its information will not be changed until it is not updated as it is a static page.

Why do you choose a dynamic page over a static page?

Features of Dynamic Website: One of the best benefits of choosing a dynamic website design is that it allows you to update content easily based on your requirements. In changing the dynamic website, there is not a lot of computer knowledge is needed. In the template file, when you perform a single change, it will affect all the pages with that specific file. While comparing with the static page, the dynamic page will be quickly updated to become responsive for different screen sizes.