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Mobile Application Development

At MythicalPhoenix, we taps into more than 7 years of experience in the software market to create business solutions that deliver results. Mobile usage is on a rise! One out of four smart phone owners access internet through their mobile devices. FATbit believes that your website should be mobile friendly in order to be accessible and engaging for all type of website visitors.

As we know mobile apps will be a good idea for marketing of all types of businesses because the smartphone is the basic need of peoples to use the apps & therefore all the business wants their mobile app that covers all the information of business, we also offer the mobile applications at affordable rates. We develop mobile applications that work on the platforms like Windows, iOS & Android.

Solving Problems & Building Brands

Two critical parameters based on which visitors accept or reject a website:

Functionality: Websites created for a desktop browser usually fall apart when they are opened using devices with smaller screen size, mobile website browsers support limited design format only. So it's vital to optimize your website to function appropriately on all screen sizes.


User Experience: If a website designed for a desktop is opened on any other device it requires a lot of zooming in, scrolling and thus it is difficult to navigate. If you want to deliver the best user experience to your online visitors then you have to optimize your website for different screen resolutions.

Programming Languages

iOS vs Android programming utilize distinctive innovation stacks. The first intensely depends on Java or Kotlin as another option, while the subsequent one has a restrictive language intended for application improvement - Swift. Which stack is quicker and simpler to dominate? Most portable application engineers discover an iOS application is simpler to make than the Android one. Coding in Swift requires less time than getting around Java since this language has high intelligibility. Later on, notwithstanding, as Kotlin grows further, the tables might turn by and by. The language is considered a prospective Java substitution - it's instinctive, present-day, and simple to peruse.

The Mobile Application Development Lifecycle

There are two interlinked center parts of a portable application: 1: The versatile application "Front-End" that lives on the cell phone 2: The administrations "Back-End" that upholds the portable front-end.

Front-End Versus Back-End

At the beginning of the cutting edge cell phone applications time, portable applications went through a comparative advancement as first sites. From the get-go, the applications and locales were entirely contained inside themselves and went about as minimal more than static commercials for the brand, organization, item, or administration.

Nonetheless, as availability and organization abilities improved, the applications turned out to be progressively associated with wellsprings of information and data that lived outside of the actual application, and the applications turned out to be progressively powerful as they had the option to refresh their UI and content with information got over the organization from questions to information sources.

Thus, the portable front-end applications progressively depend on and are incorporated with back-end administrations which give information to be burned through the versatile front-end. Such information can incorporate, for instance, item data for online business applications or flight data for movement and reservation applications. For a portable game, the information might incorporate new levels or difficulties and scores or symbols from different players.


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